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Everything a Mother needs to Know about Infants and Toddlers


During the first two years of a child’s life he or she grows,

develops, and learns so much so fast. A child develops within

 three different domains, which include the biosocial, cognitive,

 and psychosocial domain. Within each of these domains the 

child develops in different areas.



People; Babies, Baby - Pictures, Photos, Photographs*DEFINITION OF THE BIOSOCIAL DOMAIN: The part of the human development that includes the brain and body, as well as changes in our biological selves and in social influences that direct our physical growth.


*DEFINITION OF THE COGNITIVE DOMAIN: The part of the human development that includes out though processes, perceptual abilities, and language mastery, as well as the educational institutions that encourage our intellectual growth.


*DEFINITION OF THE PSYCHOSOCIAL DOMAIN: The part of human development that includes emotions, personality, and interpersonal relationships with family, friends, and the wider community.